Nissan unleashes the special edition GT-R Midnight Opal priced at $105,590

by Gavril Mankoo

Ask any automobile aficionado to name a bunch of his or her favorite performance cars and the Nissan GT-R is bound to pop up in the conversation. While a few lucky folk amongst us have one of these beastly beauties parked in their garages, the rest of us have been left with YouTube videos of these rides cruising down freeways around the world. Nissan has now decided to give the masses more and has recently announced the special edition GT-R, coated in a unique Midnight Opal color. Only 100 units of this particular edition of the car will be made available around the globe.

The car will sport a 3.8-liter VR38DETT twin turbo V6 engine with 545 horsepower and 463 lb-ft of torque beneath its hood, good enough to have your friends and family staring wide-eyed as you rev hard. The GT-R Midnight Opal edition will also include a “cockpit-style” instrument panel and a multi-function display, giving owners more bragging rights than those who own the GT-R Premium. Topped with a hyper-titanium colored coating on its RAYS lightweight wheels, and a serialized gold-plated plaque in the engine compartment that spells uniqueness for the car, this special edition GT-R comes with a $105,590 price tag, $6000 more than the Premium.


[Via – Slashgear]