Nismo’s overhaul kit makes the Nissan Leaf sportier

by Gavril Mankoo

While the Nissan Leaf might be awesomely green and a great way to travel without chocking the life out of the environment, the car somewhat lacks the punch a car enthusiast would look for in his/her ride. So, Nissan’s Nismo motorsports division has come up with a fantastic way to turn this mild-mannered electric car into an asphalt burner. The company is now offering Japanese Nissan Leaf owners an opportunity to give their car a dash of drool-worthy beauty and a tune-up as well, which will push the car to its limits and bring out its monstrous insides to the surface.

The $5,500 fiberglass or $7,700 wet carbon fiber Aero Package includes an add-on rear spoiler, front and rear bumpers and side skirts. For another $450, interested buyers can also adorn their Leafs with lightweight LMX6 aluminum wheels while a sports suspension kit with reworked dampers and springs costs $1,100. What grabbed our attention more than these cosmetic changes however, was the Sports Reset feature for $1,400 that tunes the car’s performance and increases its range too!









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