Nintendo Yellow Pikachu DS Lite

by Dhiram Shah

It is just a week since Nintendo announced the silver and pink DS Lite and now it is out with the yellow DS Lite. It is actually Pikachu themed DS and will be available in limited numbers in Japan only. To get their hands on the special themed DS gamers have to fill out forms at one of five Pokemon centers in Japan which will give them a chance to buy the special DS. Winners will be informed via mail after which they can purchase the special yellow DS.

The Nintendo DS Lite Pikachu Edition is priced at 16,800 Yen ($ 140).


  1. delphina knapp

    Will the pokemon ds lite pikachu edition ever be sold in the united states

  2. Ashely solis

    i love pokemon and digimon!

  3. jessica

    i love picachu he is sooooooooooooooooo cute and i sooooooooooo want the pikachu DS well seya go POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Staci

    I wish that they sold this in the US. I love Pikachu and Pokemon SO MUCH!!!

  5. andrew

    i want to know what nintendo will release for the american fans of the DS. the colors they have now are not appealing in the least!


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