Nintendo Misty Pink 3DS Console is for lady-gamers

by Gareth Mankoo

Women are rarely inclined to video games on portable devices, though the ones who are, totally dominate the scene. What’s more is that those women who game extensively, opt for sleek gizmos that are black and bold and evil-looking. Yet Nintendo has decided to pink some gizmos up. That’s what the Nintendo Misty Pink 3DS console is all about. It’s plain and pink, without getting too gaudy and loud in its messaging. It’s just right for you to step up and pick one for your annoying sister, so that she too understands the levels of determination needed to play a game without the distractions.

The Nintendo Misty Pink 3DS console will be available for sale in Japan by October 15th for $195. That’s about the same price of the regular, other-colored ones. They would do well by adding a camera on this one.

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