Nintendo goes W-Fi in Europe

by Dhiram Shah

Nintendo is creating wireless gaming zones throughout Europe. The company is launching their Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Connection service on November the 25th, this will bring the number of active Wi-Fi hotspots to around 15,000 by that time. More than 7,500 of them will be in the UK. The Wi-Fi Connection will allow gamers to play multiplayer editions of games which will soon be released at any of the locations. Among the new titles are Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land (Nov. 18) and Mario Kart DS (Nov. 25). You will be able to use your DS online at home, too. If you have a wireless network you are in business, otherwise, Nintendo has a Wi-Fi USB Connector for sale for GBP 30 ($ 52) which will get your DS in the action.

There are no fees or subscriptions for the service, and no harassment is likely since players can’t directly communicate with each other. This service will also be in use with the next generation system that is in development.
Via – Mobilemag