Nintendo DSi’s Fight With Photos: Photo Fighter X game allows you to be your won worst enemy

by Shayne Rana

I’m not a particular fan of the Nintendo DS being a PSP guy myself, but I do like my Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Combat styled one-on-one fighters and with DSi’s new Fight With Photos: Photo Fighter X game, I want one!!! It’s a simple game with not too many frills overall but the concept is totally interactive and completely customizable to have you ‘in’ the game quite literally. Using the devices camera you can take pictures of yourself in fight poses which will then become your avatar of sorts, only it’s still actually you. The game also allows you to capture images of everyday objects to be used as weapons. It also enables you to create your own zany sound effects thanks to the DSi’s built in microphone. The very aptly named Fight With Photos game will set you back 200 points. With this game you could also literally be your own worst enemy.