Nintendo DSi XL review – Its good

by Dhiram Shah

The folks over at Kotaku got their hands on the Nintendo DSi LL (to be known as XL in the West). In case you are unaware of the new DS, Nintendo designed one with bigger screens based on customer feedback. The large 4.2 inch screens (almost double the size of DS Lite screens) surely provide an entirely new gaming experience. Everything is good expect for the weight and size which makes it a bit difficult to carry around.
The extra large DSi could very well be here to stay — which means that this must be one of the first examples in which a Japanese company has released a bigger version of its products to commercial success.
The larger screens are great. If only Nintendo could shave a bit off the DSi XL’s thickness, making a slightly slimmer and lighter DSi XL, if only. DSi XL Slim anyone?

The DSi XL is scheduled to hit the West in early 2010.
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