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Nintendo DS TV – Turns your DS into a TV

by Dhiram Shah

Now I have one more reason to move to Japan, releasing next month is the DS TV which turns your Nintendo DS / DS Lite into a TV. So when you are tired of playing Mario you can catch up with the game. DS TV has an inbuilt One Seg tuner which allows you to watch digital TV on the move, anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately the service is available in Japan only. Its pretty simple as the touchscreen becomes the remote control allowing you to adjust the volume and skip channels whereas the top screen shows the TV content. Whats more during commercials you can take down notes and even play mini games. I hope Nintendo makes a cell phone module – the DS and a cell phone is a true iPhone killer.

The Nintendo DS TV goes on sale in Japan from November 22 for 6,800 Yen ($ 60).

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  1. Álvaro

    Who will need this article? Even more taking into consideration that its launch will be only in Japan, What about USA or Europe?
    Anyways, Is there any price for this TV converter?


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