Nintendo DS2 could show up at E3 could have Tegra on board, Super

by Shayne Rana

The much awaited next gen Nintendo DS, the so called DS2, did not make it out at GDC this year. The company’s still being super secretive about the new version leaving plenty of room for speculation. However a few bloggers who just happen to know the right people did manage to get a little bit of information through to the grapevine. Here’s what made it out – The new device’s LCD screens will be upgraded of course with higher resolutions and the upper display could larger than the bottom. The resolution would be higher than previous models. There’s also word on the new device having a built in accelerometer for motion sensitive gaming as well. The biggest news and hopefully it’s true, is that the DS2 or whatever it’s called could be running on an Nvidia Tegra chip. None of this has been officially confirmed but it’s quite possible we’ll see the new console at E3 this year, one can only hope.