Nintendo to sell Nintendo 3DS XL in North America this August

by Gavril Mankoo

North American Nintendo fans are in for a treat as the video-game manufacturer has just unrolled plans to unleash a sparkling new version of its portable gaming console, the Nintendo 3DS XL. A pumped-up version of the Nintendo 3DS, this one comes with a 4.88-inch display, a tad larger than the 3.53-inch original and comes with stereoscopic 3D technology. Also, the secondary touch-enabled display has been sized up to 4.8-inches and the battery on the new 3DS XL will last longer too (3.5 to 6.5 hours for 3DS games and 6 to 10 hours for DS titles). To be made available by the 19th of August in North America with a price tag of $199.99, the new Nintendo 3DS XL comes in blue and red with a 4GB memory card and an AC adaptor included.


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