Nintendo to develop a sleep and fatigue sensor

by Gareth Mankoo

Nintendo loves you playing games in your waking hours but of course, to muster the energy and consciousness to do the same you need to sleep well too. Which is why, the gaming company has planned to concentrate some portion of their energy on the development of a sleep and fatigue sensor. This will form a part of their ‘quality of life’ technology, which most gamers would embrace with open arms. They do not plan to tap into the crowded wearable technology space, instead, have planned to develop a contraption that sits besides the user’s bed and observes silently. Like typical sleep monitors that we have seen several times in the past, the device will upload information such as movements and breathing patterns to a cloud server, where the same will be analysed by a system from US health company ResMed to diagnose and treat sleep-related problems, if any.

Affirming this development, Nintendo’s CEO said, “putting smiles on people’s faces is the goal of entertainment, the company has continued to develop, manufacture and market many different products.” Well, we’re waiting to see the design consistency with all of Nintendo’s goodies, as usual.

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