Special edition Doraemon Nintendo 3DS available only in Taiwan as prize for purchasing educational game

by Shayne Rana

Nintendo’s 3DS system is just as popular in the handheld gaming industry as previous editions or rivals, and just like the rest, special edition versions tend to make the news. The latest is the 3DS Doraemon edition that was announced for Taiwan (exclusively). The device is decked out in Doremon’s signature Blue with just an outline of the famous pudgy robotic feline’s face etched on the front. Now here’s the catch, this special edition 3DS is not for sale in the little Island country but is actually a prize to be given to users who purchase the Doraemon: Nobita’s Number Adventure educational game (available only in Chinese).

Like any adventure game the hero, in this case Nobita of the Doraemon Manga world, will embark on various mathematical quests, solving arithmetic problems and such along the way. The game needs to be purchased from Taiwan and the contest page and entry form need to be filled out and mailed in by September 03. This is pretty much the only way to get a hold of these special editions however one of these two One Piece versions of the 3DS LL (or 3DS XL) would be available in Japan come November, if you can wait that long.

[Via – Cnet]