Ninja Toilet Paper – Learn an Ancient Language While Sitting on the Pot

by iona

As someone who keeps a collection of literature in her toilet, and has even been known to stick revision notes and new foreign vocabulary on her toilet door, I rather like this new Japanese toilet roll. Inscribed with Ninja writing (“Ninja mouji”), you can now sit on the pot and catch up on your ancient Ninja lingo whilst doing your business. Ultimate multi-tasking. Ninja mouji are secret codes based on an ancient script that pre-date the introduction of Chinese characters to the Japanese language. In fact, Chinese characters, or “Kanji”, were originally only introduced so women could not understand official or important documents, so “Ninja mouji” was used for the toppest of top secret communications.

It does seem a little blasphemous to be wiping your touche on paper inscribed with this ancient writing, but more of a modern-day concern is the stonking great price of $4.60 (400 yen) a roll. My advice is to use this paper sparingly.

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