Nikon’s Pho-Dog-Rapher shoots his way to the top

by Gareth Mankoo

Meet Grizzler, Nikon’s prime shutter-pooch. The little canine is out there, making his way through his dog world and shooting dog things, all with a Nikon camera. The catch lies in the fact that the images are shot only when Grizzler’s excited. This is made possible with the Heartography heartbeat monitor, a camera and a customized housing for the entire ensemble that includes a shutter trigger that activates when he is excited. Some may argue that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt for the Nikon Coolpix L31, but we feel that it offers a unique insight into the research done on dog’s-eye-view experiences. For instance, the excitable visuals for Grizzler include other dogs, a cat, people, wild mushrooms and even a van filled with Heinz Beans and canola oil.

Nikon_gizzlerThis black and white pooch is surely a good looker and there isn’t long before we can expect an exhibition of sorts from him. Three cheers to Nikon for making a campaign that does more than just sells their multi-megapixel shooters to us.