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Nikon 360 Degrees Digital Camera concept

by Dhiram Shah

All those who think, sleep, eat and talk photography and even those who just like clicking pictures without any know-how, here is a camera that will blow your mind. I haven’t been very successful at understanding its features, the shape and its purpose but ill spill the beans anyways, just in case you get it. If you want to paint a pretty picture, with your camera as the brush then capturing that panoramic view to the best abilities of both the photographer and the camera becomes indispensable. That explains the invention of Nikon 360 degrees digital camera. Based on an ergonomic cylindrical form lens, the 360 is a camera that allows you take an all-round picture. An angle indicator provides a gauge on the direction of the rotating head and is also an additional detail to provide the camera with a stronger and steadier feel while in operation.

It has been designed by Ye Chen and is really lucid when it comes to the user interface. The main operating function designed as a touch sensor. I approve (not that my approval was needed) of its functionality but the shape (according to me) is ghastly. There should be something done about the aesthetics.


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  1. If Nikon made a 360-degree panorama-cam…

    It might look something like this. Designer Ye Chen is responsible for the concept product…


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