Nikon Announces COOLSHOT 40i GII Laser Rangefinder For Golfers

by dhiram

Nikon today announced the release of the COOLSHOT 40i GII Laser Rangefinder for golfers, a successor model to the COOLSHOT 40i. The COOLSHOT 40i GII offers a greatly extended maximum measurement range compared to that of the COOLSHOT 40i to improve the ease of measurement to the flagstick. As well as this, a LOCKED ON function is employed which makes it clearly visible that the distance to the flagstick has been measured even with trees in the background. So that it can be utilized in any situation such as for official competitions and practice sessions, the COOLSHOT 40i GII employs two measurement modes; golf mode (slope adjusted distance and actual distance) and actual distance mode (actual distance only). 

Operability is easy with a single press of the button to switch between modes. For practice, golf mode is useful to show a guide distance to how far you should hit the ball. For official competition, you can use actual distance mode which complies with official golf rules. When actual distance mode is set, an LED lamp (Actual Distance Indicator) blinks to inform the non-use of the Incline/Decline measurement function externally, so people around you can easily see that you are not using the function.The COOLSHOT 40i GII is easy to use for all golf players.