Nikon Announces Compact and Light Weight Entry Level ACULON T02 binoculars

by dhiram


Nikon today announced the release of a new binocular model, the ACULON T02. The new binocular is designed for entry-level/casual users who want to enjoy observation both indoors and outdoors at any time. The ACULON T02 models are well suited for a wide variety of scenarios, such as travel, spectator sports, theatre, and concerts. These binoculars employ Nikon’s quality optics and are sure to help expand your enjoyment of everyday life. 


The ACULON T02 models lineup includes seven attractive body colors (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, white, black). they are ideal for use in various situations such as at concerts, the theatre, and sports events, for astronomical observations, and while traveling, to rediscover the joy of watching. Weighing 195g, the Nikon ACULON T02 binoculars will be the perfect companion for discovering the pleasures of observation — both for regular binocular users and those who are new to sport optics.