Nike’s new TurboSpeed Suit for Olympic runners helps decrease lap-time by 0.23 seconds!

by Gavril Mankoo

Human beings are quickly turning into a quicker-at-its-feet race, with Usain Bolt paving the way ahead. Now, giving Olympic runners a perfect way to beat the elements and aerodynamic drag, Nike has unveiled this fabulous tech-packed running suit. Called the TurboSpeed Suit, this one’s inspired by golf-ball designs; those little white spheres that we think are devoid of any technology whatsoever. Using a similar dimple design found on golf balls, this suit easily decreases a 100-meter spin by a whopping 0.23 seconds! Besides helping already-fast-humans run faster, the TurboSpeed suit is also environmentally sound and is made from 82 per cent recycled polyester fabric, using 13 recycled plastic bottles per suit!

[Dailymail via Gizmodo UK]

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