Nike’s Vapor Laser Talon stuns all with 3D-printed cleat plates

by Gareth Mankoo

Nike are giving athletes more than wings, inspiring them to quicker terrestrial times with style, technology and capability all in tow. With the all new Nike Vapor Laser Talon shoe, the manufacturer has gone on to explore the concept of a 3D–printed cleat plate. This is the first time that cleat plates are bring printed. They weigh 5.6 oz and are specifically designed for enhanced grip on the football field. The cleats are said to enable greater speed and power during the first 10 years, which can be in bursts, during the game. The cleats are made using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology, in which a high-powered laser is used to selectively fuse thermoplastic particles into the desired shape of the clear.

Shane Kohatsu, Director of Nike Footwear Innovation says, “SLS technology has revolutionized the way we design cleat plates – even beyond football – and gives Nike the ability to create solutions that were not possible within the constraints of traditional manufacturing processes.” We can expect more innovations with the enhancement of 3D printing technology.


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