Nike’s LunarENDOR QS Snowboarding Boots dazzle you with LED-power, like when you were a kid

by Gareth Mankoo

We’re all stocking up for the winter holidays and the fun things we do in this frigid season, so why not just dig into something geekier? This is NewLaunches after all and even a banana with a chip inside has us paying attention. The Snowboarding Boots by Nike come as a complete surprise to those who are used to seeing such stitched by local cobblers and shoe-weavers, not only because they are Winter boots and from Nike, but also because they have a very prominent LED on them. Snowboarding wouldn’t be such a ‘dark’ affair anymore and even crashing would be stylish with these on. Called the LunarENDOR QS, the boots offer a light-up swoosh that is made up by 30 LEDs.

Shoe-making would be an art early on but here it’s plain pompousness. Lights in shoes is what kids would normally be associated with, to encourage tiny feet to take their early steps. However, the purpose here may be finding snow-drowned riders after ‘epic fail’ crashes.

[Via – Geekologie]

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