NICT illustrates wireless charging and data transmission through flexible 2D sheets

by ruchi

NICT, at the Wireless Japan 2011 event, demoed use of a two-dimensional communication device as an efficient wireless power transmission system. When one happens to place their gadget on this sheet, two kinds of activity can take place-wireless charging and data transmission. This reminds me of the much popular USB system wherein each time your device is docked to your computer; both functions are taken care of simultaneously. However, achieving the same feat in wireless environment is achieved by transmitting a 2.4 GHz high frequency signal through the sheet thus making it a wireless conductive object. The two dimensional-communication sheet here can capture electromagnetic waves within the street and can conduct electricity and perform communications. NCIT hopes to create this sheet out of a soft fabric so that it can be worn around to create a network or ‘surface LAN.’