NFC-enabled ring shares data with devices; opens locks and more!

by Gavril Mankoo

There simply is no doubt that near field communication, or NFC as its better known today, is quickly catching on. Several smartphone manufacturers have begun adding this to their products, making data transfer a breeze. One British designer named John McLear has put NFC to good use and has come up with a one-of-a-kind technology-packed piece of jewelry, perfect for us geeks. The ring, using NFC to its benefit, is capable of communicating with other NFC-enabled devices like phones, tablets, security systems etc.

The ring does not require a battery, which also means you don’t need to plug it in time and again to juice up. Sporting two individual transmitters, one to share data with the public and one to store private data, the ring also ensures complete privacy and security, keeping your data from being spied on. Currently on Kickstarter looking for funding, John McLear has 24 more days left to realize his dream. Technology as such could make communicating with the world and smart devices a lot easier, without having to pull out our smartphones every now and then.

[Via – Dvice]

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