Report hints at Nexus 8 arrival by mid-2014

by Gareth Mankoo

We have our ears picked and listening for any sign of the next big Nexus phone to arrive. In the many whispers came along a rather resounding report by DigiTimes there is a strong likelihood of the Nexus 8 arriving sometime in the middle of this year. It suggests that Asus may be the manufacturer of choice while Intel’s chips will be the driver behind the next flagship device (or is it?). As the name suggests, this will be an 8-inch device that places it well within the tablet category.

Why Asus you may think? An excerpt from the report stated, ‘Because Asustek has already established a close relationship with Google and has advantages in product design and component purchasing, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Lenovo are unlikely to be able to take the orders away easily.’ More details on the Nexus 8 are expected to hit news feeds post February.

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