New Toilet Sear helps you pee when drunk

by Dhiram Shah

Apart from LCD TV’s and other gizmos Panasonic even makes toilet seats in Japan and here is their latest offering the DL-GWN range of advanced toilet seats. The seat has a sensor and upon detecting presence lights up and illuminiates a bulls eye in the water. The main use of the light is after a night of heavy partying and so those middle night breaks where if you get a smelly toilet if you go haywire. The light also warms the seat and helps in cleaning the seat. In Japan the water used for washing and bathing is recycled for flushing. The water is boiled and used to clean the seat automatically after use.

The Panasonic DL-GWN will be available from Nov 1st in Japan for 135,450 Yen ($ 1165)

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