New Seat Belt, Airbag Integrated in New Toyota Lexus

by Shalu Pillai

Takata Corp has launched a revolutionary new seat belt that inflates like an airbag at the time of a car crash into the market, for passenger cars for the first time in the world. “Air Belt,” will be equipped in almost all Toyota Motor Corp’s “Lexus LFA” sports car and release under the name of “SRS Seat Belt Airbag.” The side bags will meet or exceed a set of proposed new industry standards and evaluation procedures that were submitted today to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Side airbag systems are an important advance in safety technology, which can help deliver occupant protection in certain types of vehicle crashes. They act as a supplemental restraint, to be used in combination with seat belts. The airbag inflates especially around the shoulder and the head of a person on the seat. When the car crashes head-on, the part near the chest inflates to disperse and mitigate the impact on the chest. If the car is hit side-on, the inflated part protects the temporal regions and prevents the head from moving precipitously so that it does not hit the windows or other objects in the car.

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