New Rapide Video released by Aston Martin

by anoop

After seeing the Aston Martin Rapide at the Frankfurt Motor Show last month, I am in love with that car and it is definitely one of the most attractive sedans ever produced. I would love to own it one day even though deep inside me, I know I won’t be able to afford it! Aston Martin has released a stunning video of the Rapide showing the various stages of development of the beauty starting from the skid pad to the Nurburging, with a 50 second montage and another 30 seconds in the garage. After that, the Rapide heads off to Germany for hot-lapping and then over to Stelvio Pass in Northern Italy for some powertrain development. Trust me and see the video, you will love that you spent three minutes of your life in a useful way. You will love it! I know I did!