New Panasonic DVR has a Hard drive, Blu-Ray and good old VHS

by Dhiram Shah

The Panasonic DMR-BR630V offers you the best of both worlds – new and old. This baby packs in a 320GB hard drive, 6X Blu-Ray drive and a VHS deck so you can copy old family videos or those naughty tapes from the skin bin to the hard drive or on a Blu-Ray disc. It supports EPG, the unit can also be programmed from a mobile phone or a computer hundreds of thousands of miles away. Also included is a USB port and SD card slot for recording and playback of AVCHD files. The Panasonic DMR-BR630V goes on sale in Japan from October 1 for 160,000 Yen ($ 1600).
Via – Panasonic Japan

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