New Min 57CM41 is the mat with your mothers heartbeat, the best way to fall asleep is with mommy

by Shayne Rana

Bed or rather sleep technology has been making steady progress. A Japanese company has devised a new kind of ‘hypnotic’ sleep mat called the “New Min 57CM41” (according to the translation). It’s designed to provide low vibrations through the built-in oscillating vibration unit. The vibrations are soothing enough to have you off to la la land in minutes. The mat comes with three settings. In “relaxed mode” the system automatically reduces the vibrations as you fall asleep. Other settings include vibration modes that are designed to simulate a Train and even a mother’s heartbeat. The mat is made of polyester and has polyurethane foam material inside. It comes with an AC adapter and a selector control that allows you to choose the mode as well as the strength of the vibrations. The Ne Min mat will set you back 28,000 Yen which works out to about $304 (USD). That’s a pretty penny to pay for a peaceful slumber.