New Marvell chipset gets a BitTorrent boost

by Dhiram Shah

Marvell has announced that it’s new 88F5182 system-on-chip (SoC) platform will be BitTorrent capable, it will allow consumer electronics manufacturers who make products such as set top boxes, NAS (Network attached storage) and other devices to utilize BitTorrent for high speed content delivery. Manufacturers using the BitTorrent-certified 88F5182 chipset can provide a complete media solution featuring compatibility with BitTorrent. With an installed base of over 150 million users worldwide the next generation of Internet-connected devices are integrating BitTorrent to ensure a simple and seamless digital entertainment experience for consumers.

This is an important additional step in integrating the BitTorrent protocol for use in consumer electronic devices, especially those that are designed for home entertainment usage and data storage. It’s one more progression towards consumers being able to watch and retrieve content quickly and seamlessly from their comfort of their living rooms.
“Optimizing BitTorrent to work with Marvell silicon at the component-level not only provides manufacturers high-performance and quick time-to-market, but takes full advantage of the entertainment content and commercial content delivery services offered by BitTorrent.” says Ashwin Navin, president of BitTorrent, Inc.