New MacBook Air doesn’t ship with Adobe Flash, Apple says if you want it, get it yourself

by Shayne Rana

We all know Adobe Flash and a Steve Jobs just don’t mix. So it’s no surprise that the new MacBook Air is shipping sans Adobe Flash. If you try watching a video on a web site that has flash all you’ll get is a Firfox type error – Missing Plug-in. Not that this is a big deal though, Apple’s just not shipping the device with Adobe Flash but they haven’t prevented you form downloading it anytime you want. SO you can just head on over to the Adobe website and get the plug in willy-nilly and you’re good to go. Too bad that still can’t be done on your iPad or iPhone. Jobs is still of the opinion that Flash doesn’t seem to quite meet the standards of Apple products. One source even mentioned that his notion was that the reason that Macs crash is due to Flash and Adobe hasn’t yet done anything about that. So the grudge match continues, at least they haven’t barred Flash from running altogether, a small silver lining.