New LG Magic Motion remote control to be unveiled in 2012 with voice-recognition feature update

by ruchi

LG has earlier unveiled their Magic Motion remote which was actually a remote control device with Wi-Fi capabilities. It let users make selections and browse through channels and menus with gestures against to the conventional input method of pressing buttons. LG is now prepping up a much advanced variant of the same which will be announced next year. The new version will have a fresh ergonomic design, voice recognition for text input, a scroll wheel along with “Magic Gestures.” Though we still don’t know what the full list of gestures would mean, but I am sure the tech ninjas have been assigned their new task.

The 2012 Magic Motion is expected to hit shelves in Q1 next year and in all probability, LG could be showing off this one at this year’s CES 2012. We’ll keep you updated on this one.
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