New iPad Cases hint of rear facing camera and SD card slot

by Gareth Mankoo

Wired up as we may be, up to our necks, it is never too late to decide what the best thing is for your iPad, or, if it is already time to start saving up for a new one. Talking about the next iPad, there are some interestingly designed new iPad cases that seem to strike a chord among enthusiasts and those who bear the virtue of patience. iLounge seems to have spotted a case that sports a rear facing camera and established reports that the iPad 2 will be slimmer than the existing model. There are also hints that there may be an SD card slot available on the new iPad, from the early looks of it. There’s also enough room for a second 30-pin dock connector on the side of the landscape docking.

As it seems for now, Apple’s oversees manufacturing partner, Foxconn, plans to bring home the Apple iPad 2 in the next 100 days. Does that promise any hope?