New Ford Fiesta comes with AppLink that supports Twitter, Pandora and Stitcher

by Shayne Rana

Ford is on a roll with all sorts of new tech that will make it to their new vehicles. The latest update is with another in-car addition. A new Sync feature called AppLink will be making its debut in the new Ford Fiesta that’s due out the coming summer and is cast as an economy car (love that word). This system is designed to work as a receiver for internet radio, podcasts and Twitter. It’ll work with Pandora (Internet radio), Stitcher (Podcasts), and OpenBeak on BlackBerry and Android smartphones (Twitter). This Sync option also adds MP3 and Bluetooth phone integration along with a host of server-side services, including navigation. If you’re a worried iPhone users and looking forward to the Fiesta nevertheless, support for the handset will only be out by next year, says Ford.

With AppLink drivers will have full control of this media simply by using the built in radio of the vehicle. The best part is that AppLink is downloadable. Sync will soon make it to the other vehicles as well, can’t let the fiesta have all the fun.

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