New facial recognition for Facebook photo tags

by Shalu Pillai

Remember the last time you got a tag notification on Facebook, only to discover your name on someone‚Äôs foot? Well, that little glitch will soon be a thing of the past. Continuing its ongoing process of upgrading its photo-sharing service, Facebook has announced that it will soon enable facial-recognition technology–meaning that when members upload photographs and are encouraged to “tag” their friends, they will be able to choose from a list of suggestions. The facial recognition technology will start rolling out to about 5 per cent of Facebook’s U.S. users next week. Recently Facebook also upgraded its delete option and added the location smart feature for its users.

Tagging is also a hallmark of Facebook’s photo product, which was otherwise bare-bones, difficult to use, and lagged behind competitors at its launch. For those concerned about privacy regarding their weekend (mis)adventures, there will be an opt-out, so if a member does not want to show up in his or her friends’ tagging suggestions, they won’t.

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