New Apple MacBook Air is swift and slick but still a pain in the price tag

by Shayne Rana

So the new kid on the techno block is the all new, sleek as heck MacBook Air. It’s positively delectable in either a 13.3 and 11.6-inch size. This one’s got a unibody construction which just adds a bit more to the overall sleek-ness. This new Macbook comes loaded with an SSD card that’s been compared to stick of RAM, Intel Core2Duo processors and Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics. It uses flash memory so we’re looking at a super fast boot time. There’s even an SD memory card reader and a second USB port. The basket of goodies also includes FaceTime, a multitouch trackpad and stereo speakers.

With regards to specs the 11-inch MacBook Air weighs in at just 2.3 pounds and its bigger brother with the 13-inch display weighed in at 2.9 pounds. Apple has also promised customers a hefty battery life – 7 hours for the larger 13-inch device and 5 hours for the 11-inch model. Each battery can be replaced for about $129 but are good for at least 1000 charges. $999 (will they actually give me my Dollar back) is what the price starts off at; it’s a bit steep if you ask me. For a little more i.e. $199 more, you can upgrade to 128GB while retaining the 1.4GHz Core2Duo processor. The larger MacBook Air is going for $1,299. The 128GB of flash storage and 2GB of RAM can be upped for $299 more to 256GB and 4GB respectively.