New York subways to be blessed with app-enabled Kiosks

by Gareth Mankoo

Some cities just rise to awesomeness because they are meant to be so. The rest of us have to make to with 1Gbps browsing speeds. Yet, as we feign interest we also appreciate the effort put behind the installation of 90 kiosks that will be installed at major subway routes such as Grand Central Station. They will come with touchscreens and contain applications that offer train timings, delay notifications, outages and a few ads to keep the greens coming in. Users can leverage this service to identify the fastest route between two destinations. What’s stunning is that the touchscreens will be 47-inch displays that will be tamper proof, thanks to rugged stainless steel.

With brilliance, it is important to ensure toughness as well. The screens will be rigged with video cameras and be able to work at 200 degrees of heat. The MTA is taking things seriously when it comes to passenger convenience and facilities and we applaud that. Though, I wish these would offer games too.

[Via – Ubergizmo]

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