New Samsung Galaxy S III commercial leverages NFC for sexy video transfers

by Gareth Mankoo

So, everyone knows how convenient it is to hold a video conference with a sexually deprived spouse and make it totally worth it. The Galaxy S III does make it possible. Yet, there’s a whole new trip of sharing intimacy, displayed in the new Samsung Galaxy S III commercial. The ad shows a father leaving for a trip and his daughters gifting him a video that they transfer via NFC. Following this, his wife walks up to him and says she’s made a video herself and bumps the phone on her husbands and voila, it’s in his handset. So basically, it’s a lot more convenient sharing sex tapes via NFC too, rather than the previously famous Bluetooth transfers.

Samsung are bold in their advertisements. Even the one in which a friend complains about his iPhone, calling his friend’s Samsung handset’s screen bigger than his entire phone. They’re up to a more practical subject now and the ad pretty much nails it for everyone. Go on pretty wives. Bump your phones and spread the visual charm.