New Orleans Carriage Cab installs vending machines in its backseats

by Gareth Mankoo

Vending machines have taken all shapes and sizes and spewed out everything that the mind could fathom, in recent times. However, there haven’t been to many instances where these marvels have been moved from place to place, delivering the joy they’re made to deliver. The New Orleans Carriage Cab has now become the first taxi company in the US to install soft drinks vending machines for those seated in the prestigious backseat. You could swipe your credit card to make a payment and enjoy a cola for $0.99. These have been tested over half a year now and are all ready to roll out on American streets. The service will be provided across the company’s 250-car fleet. This is a sure graduation from mere touch-screen interfaces that have adorned back seats till date.

The gratification is immediate. As soon as the payment is made, the can is dispensed from a fridge that is lodged between the rear passenger seat and the vehicle’s trunk. Its a matter of time before they work with a credit card company to give the best credit card offer for their consumers. To play safe, the New Orleans Carriage Cab has also announced that none of the beverages will be alcoholic and that all empty cans will be recycled on a weekly basis.

[Via – Luxuo]

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