New Facebook button makes updating status messages possible from every page

by Gareth Mankoo

Facebook are truly enterprising in their efforts to make new possibilities come to life. Through a test run on a smaller audience the company is gauging the feasibility of new tools and buttons that enable better usage. Spotted by the folks at Mashable, a new button appears to be in the works. Basically, the button is the compressed version of the “How are you feeling” segment that allows users to post status messages. It enables users to update their status messages, no matter which page they’re on. This makes the feature more global and extends its use greatly. This puts robust though-sharing of Facebook at par with Twitter. However, this has not been the only development from the social media giants. Head after the jump for more minor tweaks that seem to be nothing short of inspiration.

Facebook has renamed the ‘subscribers’ list to ‘followers’, decorating it more as the micro-blogging phenomena, Twitter. Would this be inspiration of blatant copy? Another, more useful development, is that of a Facebook Events section. Now, those attending an event will be able to see the weather conditions of the venues they propose. Finally, there’s the Facebook Pages section that organizes comments as threads, thus making it simpler to read and comprehend.


[Via – Slashgear]

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