Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock makes sure on time always

by yogesh

Everyone has their own system for ensuring punctuality and many of us rely on the trusted alarm clock to help us out. With the alarm function incorporated into mobile phones, many have stopped using the alarm clock all together. But in times when you get late because you forgot to change your alarm time or schedule, It’s the modern, updated alarm clock that comes to your rescue. The Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock has the capability of managing two people’s schedules at the same time. It is a fully customizable 7-day Alarm Clock featuring three levels of backlight brightness and adjustable alarm duration. It even features the first-ever “preferences menu” in clock radio however the snooze duration, sleep and nap timer options are carried over from the original Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock. Instead of the seven, independent daily alarms seen in the original, this one has the concept of alarm “banks” – three in all. The two “7-day” banks provide two, completely independent seven-day wake schedules – “his” and “hers”, for example. In addition, a “Daily Reminder” bank is included with up to seven daily alarms that sound every day at the same time, just like an ordinary “dual” alarm clock, except with the added flexibility of five additional daily alarms.

Other features of the Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock include digital FM/AM tuner with 20 station presets as well as a brand new aluminum cone speaker for better sound quality, the Gradual Wake and Descending Snooze functions. American Innovative’s Neverlate Executive will be available in time for Christmas this year shipping on December 12th with direct orders taken on a first-come-first-served basis for $59.95.

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