Netflix thinking to stream movies to Wii and PS3

by Dhiram Shah

If customers show interest, then Xboxers might not be the only gaming console owners who will be able to enjoy Netflix streaming in the future. A new survey currently being conducted by Netflix ask users a variety of questions surrounding the idea of streaming Netflix content to their Wii consoles. The survey also questions what the requirement to purchase a $10 “Netflix Instant Streaming Disc” would do to Wii streaming desirability. I don’t think Nintendo has any interest in making this kind of service available anytime soon with a firmware update. Imagine a $10 cost to stream to the Wii and there is no further investment in any other hardware. That is an excellent deal and you can count me in! There are also reports suggesting a similar survey covering Playstation 3 is being circulated currently. The million dollar question is – Would you guys pay $10 to add Netflix streaming to your Wii or PS3? I can already see the answers coming!

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