Netflix offers lower quality video option for cheaper, quicker streams

by Gareth Mankoo

Who needs HD quality video if it’s going to weigh down on you like a heavy bill that doesn’t seem justified? For some, watching a video after all is what matters and not the fine details of it. You can now have Netflix videos viewed at good, better or best qualities. The modest ‘good’ quality will hog up just 0.3GB an hour, the ‘better’ will take up 0.7GB an hour while the ‘best’ quality will hog up 1GB data usage per hour. That could now be your optimum choice. If you still want everything in HD then you can go in for the 2.3GB data heavy package. Netflix doesn’t mind spoiling you for choice.

So much for dodging the data demons, who bug you ever so often, reporting the near completion of your usage hours. Hail Netflix says the common man.

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