NET-2000 web-gun for nabbing criminals and pets

by Dhiram Shah

A non lethal gun isn’t something we see everyday, but a flashlight that is a net dispenser is extraordinary to write about. The NET-2000 Shooting Net Rod uses a charge of highly compressed air to fire a net at fleeing suspects from as far as 49 feet away. While it doesn’t spin a web of just any old size, it does fire a huge 52 square foot net made of high strength Nylon fiber. While the device may look like an innocuous flashlight when not in use, it sure packs a wallop when fired up.
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In addition to law enforcement use, it’s designed for animal catchers to use in place of traditional manual nets. Importer Chinagrabber is selling the devices for just $419 a piece. This tool is surely handy when you want to catch the dog that dirties your yard red handed without fighting your neighbor.

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