Nestle launches a Kitkat that needs to be baked

by dhiram

Yes, you read it right, for all you non Kit-Kat aficionados out there, Nestle has been known to tease the palates of Japanese customers with some really weird flavors right from Soyabean to Sweet Potato to Red Chilli to Wasabi to Blueberry cheesecake, its a pity they dont sell it everywhere. Coming back to the story, this new flavor actually takes the cake when it comes to a weird flavor. The top layer of the pudding flavored mini Kitkat slowly melts when heated and fuses with the wafer-biscuit giving a dark brown texture.

Scheduled to hit the Kitkat cafe on March 24th, the baked “Kitkat” will be sold for a princely 500 Yen ($ 4).

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