Nerv Mouse for Anime lovers

by Dhiram Shah

Nerv or Neon Genesis Evangelion which you anime fans might refer it as. Quadelements Japan is here with the Nerv mouse which comes with a 800 dpi optical sensor. It has a transparent cover and a rather bright sensor which delivers a soft red glow underneath the mouse. The Nerv logo is at the center of the mouse, it connects via USB and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS as well.

The unit measures 62×112×32mm and weighs 92 grams. The Nerv mouse is available in Japan for 3990 Yen ($ 32).


  1. NERV Mouse for Anime Nerds

    Any anime nerd worth their weight in Pocky has seen Evangelion, the prototypical brainfrak anime that fans cite when they want to show how much deeper Japanese fare is than, say, Jackie Chan Adventures. Now you can get your own…

  2. poopooface

    where can i buy this other than japan?


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