NeoTune headphone with iPod dock

by Dhiram Shah

RWC Corp Japan has announced the NeoTune headphones which have a built in iPod dock. So along with the huge headphones you have an iPod Nano hanging around the dock is compatible with the newer 2nd generation iPod Nano only. The company will soon release a version which supports the the new Shuffle too. The biggest drawback with NeoTune is it lacks a 3.5 mm stereo input so you are cant connect any other audio source and with the Nano sticking up you from the headphones you are sure to get all the stares when you walk by.

Available in two color Black and White the NeoTune measures 168×58×173mm and weighs 180 grams add the Nano’s weight and you will complaint of neck pain in a few weeks. Available in Japan only from December 1st the headphones will retail for 4980 Yen ($ 43).


  1. NeoTune iPod Dockable Headphone

    Want to look like the biggest toolbag in town without even trying? Simply walk around town wearing these bad boys. The NeoTune headphones have an integrated iPod dock. So not only are you wearing giant headphones around town, you are…

  2. mike

    Great! Now I can risk breaking my 2G Nano, and look like a dick at the same time!


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