NEC’s marketing agency uses facial recognition to determine the target audience

by Gareth Mankoo

Data collection via submission is often looked at as an intrusive means of lead generation and CRM. So it’s good to know that data as such can be automated at last. NEC has developed a service that will aid marketeers in recognizing their Target Groups easier with the help iof face recognition techniques. Backed on Japan’s cloud computing prowess, NEC has leveraged this technology to capture data on the age, gender and visiting frequency of customers. The identification of repeat customers is one of the prime attributes of this technology. The company said, “This service is mainly intended for retailers that have several stores. It provides retailers with customer attributes based on facial images. That information is helpful for sales strategies.”

Capturing facial data and looking up stored facial data from the cloud in real time will surely require some major technology. It’s no wonder that shop owners who seek such a service will have to cough up about $880 per month, per store. I wonder how it would fair in crowded stores, in more densely populated geographies.