Necomimi, cat ears that spell out human emotions by hooking on to the brain

by Gavril Mankoo

A cat’s behavior and thoughts is best read by observing its ears. Driving inspiration from the way cats use their ears to communicate emotions, Neurowear has developed the Necomimi, a cat-ear shaped communication device that hooks up to your brain! This one uses brain signals to communicate the wearer’s emotions, wiggling just like the ears of a cat. Particularly designed for the land that loves everything cute, Japan, these ears wiggle and rise with the wearer’s emotional state. Besides being just a silly way to tell everyone just how hungry you are without saying it yourself, the Necomimi could revolutionize communication processes for the mentally disabled people!

The Necomimi (neco meaning cat and mimi meaning ears) uses brainwaves and other biosensors to detect thought processes and emotions. So the next time you see a Japanese girl with cat ears standing up erect, know that she’s probably anticipating something and is excited.

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