Necomimi Brain-controlled Cat Ears headphones play music according to your mood

by Gareth Mankoo

Headphones are those accessories that do not really pay heed to what you play, rather, they concentrate on how comfortable you feel wearing them and how good the music sounds. However, there’s always a device that holds a soft corner for you and in this case, it is the Necomimi Brain-controlled Cat Ears headphone. This smart contraption is a mind reader of sorts, stemmed from a project called Mico, which utilizes a forehead sensor and earlobe clip from the Necomimi to know your moods better. Once worn, users can select music with the help of an accompanying smartphone app. This app communicates with the headphone via your cellphones Bluetooth. Head after the jump to learn how it works.

The app “neuro-tags” 100 songs, which means that it analyzes songs and tags them with particular moods. On sensing a shift in a persons mood, the smart headphone automatically plays the song from your cellphone to suit that moment. The smartphone has to be picked up and shaken in order to change tracks. So far, there are only two units created. Over two years a go we saw a similar wonder in the form of Brain-Wave.


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