Neckspeaker Bluetooth speaker wraps around your neck

by Shruti Shree

Wear your speakers around your neck! Quite bizarre, isn’t it? Neckspeaker was unveiled at Ceatec, 2014 (Japan’s biggest consumer electronics show) which is being held at Makuhari Messe.The speakers look like headphones, but actually they are wireless Bluetooth speakers that you can wear around your neck. Now you don’t need those tangled (always) ear plugs to groove to your favourite tunes! Neckspeaker also supports NFC pairing with your smartphone; it can be done very easily with a single touch. It also has a built-in microphone which will enable you to do hands free calling. But, you can’t wear Neckspeaker throughout the day, too much of a neck accessory, eh! No Problem, you can also use it to prop your smartphone up on the table; the speaker gets converted into a mini home theatre system. And it is very portable too just like you headphones, just fold it by the band portion, slip it into your bag, and carry it everywhere. Neckspeaker has a built in lithium polymer battery of 600mAh which translates to a continuous playback capacity of up to about 5 hours.

Neckspeaker will be available in three colors: red, black, and white. Price has not been finalized yet, but it may cost you something between 7,500 yen – 7,800 yen. If you are totally fed up of your headphones, and okay with wearing this bulky (not very) piece around your neck, then you can go for it! It can be quite a blessing and a much needed accessory for cyclists and runners too.


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